Fairbanks Riding Club

PO BOX 8046, RANCHO SANTA FE, CA 92067 (858) 756-0321
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It’s hard to say who’s luckier: the horses that get to live at the Fairbanks Riding Club or their owners. The park-like setting offers comforts and amenities for both and, above all, a peaceful, safe, family-friendly environment that is hard to come by in a boarding facility.
Amenities Stalls In March, 2011, Fairbanks Riding Club undertook a major remodeling project to replace and upgrade its original stalls. The stable was complete in May with beautiful new MD Barn stalls and the addition of grills and windows for ventilation and socialization. A completely new plumbing system was installed, and spigots and shut-off valves were placed adjacent to every stall. The outside corrals were improved with new waterers, feeders, end panels and tack locker pedestals. The Fairbanks Riding Club stable is the place for your well deserved horse! Trails Peaceful...tranquil...serene...these are the words to describe the meandering trails around Fairbanks Ranch. Arenas Fairbanks Riding Club offers three arenas for your riding pleasure. Turnouts Fairbanks Riding Club offers six turnouts for your horse's pleasure. Security Fairbanks Riding Club is located inside the secure gated community of Fairbanks Ranch, where we have a manned security entrance and security guards patrolling the neighborhood 24/7.
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